The 50th Anniversary Collection:
4 Disc Edition

Music by Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire, Tristram Cary, Dudley Simpson, Don Harper, Carey Blyton, Malcolm Clarke, Geoffrey Burgon, Peter Howell, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb, Jonathan Gibbs, Elizabeth Parker, Dominic Glynn, Keff McCulloch, Mark Ayres, John Debney & Murray Gold

Special Sound by Brian Hodgson & Dick Mills / BBC Radiophonic Workshop

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+ 4 CD Collection
+ 2 CD Variant (US Only)
Composer Mark Ayres trawled through dusty Doctor Who archives and libraries in order to research and assemble this release
Catalogue No. SILCD1450
Original Release Date: 9 Dec 2013
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Tracks: 129
Run Time: 5h 15m 31s
Disc 1
01. Doctor Who (Original Theme) [From "Doctor Who"]
02. Three Guitars Mood 2 (From "An Unearthly Child")
03. TARDIS Takeoff - (From "An Unearthly Child")
04. Forest Atmosphere (From "The Daleks")
05. Forest with Creature (From "The Daleks")
06. City Music 1 and 2 (From "The Daleks")
07. The Daleks (From "The Daleks")
08. Dalek Control Room (From "The Daleks")
09. The Ambush (From "The Daleks")
10. Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown) [From "The Daleks"]
11. Explosion, TARDIS Stops (From "The Edge of Destruction")
12. Sleeping Machine (From "The Keys of Marinus")
13. Dalek Spaceship Lands (From "The Chase")
14. TARDIS Lands (From "The Chase")
15. Chumbley (Constant Run) [From "Galaxy Four"]
16. Chumbley at Rest (From "Galaxy Four")
17. Marche (Les Structures Sonores) [From "Galaxy Four"]
18. A Strange Sickness (From "The Daleks' Master Plan")
19. Growing Menace (From "The Daleks' Master Plan")
20. The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon (From "The Gunfighters")
21. Space Adventure Pt. 2 (From "The Tenth Planet")
22. Heartbeat Chase (From "The Macra Terror")
23. Chromophone Band (From "The Macra Terror")
24. Propaganda Sleep Machine (From "The Macra Terror")
25. Sideral Universe (From "The Tomb of the Cybermen")
26. Space Time Music Pt. 1 (From "The Tomb of the Cybermen")
27. Space Time Music Pt. 2 (From "The Web of Fear")
28. Mr. Oak and Mr. Quill (Incidental Music) [From "Fury from the Deep"]
29. Cyberman Stab & Music (From "The Wheel in Space")
30. Birth of Cybermats (From "The Wheel in Space")
31. Interior Rocket (Suspense Music) [From "The Wheel in Space"]
32. Galaxy Atmosphere (From "The Dominators")
33. Zoe's Theme (From "The Mind Robber")
34. The Dark Side of the Moon (From "The Invasion")
9 35. The Company (From "The Invasion")
36. Machine and City Theme (From "The Krotons")
37. Kroton Theme (From "The Krotons")
38. The Seeds of Death Titles (From "The Seeds of Death")
39. Ice Warriors Music (From "The Seeds of Death")
40. Time Lord Court (From "The War Games")
41. Doctor Who (New Opening, 1967 - Full Version)
42. The Master's Theme (From "The Mind of Evil")
43. Hypnosis Music (From "The Mind of Evil")
44. Dover Castle (From "The Mind of Evil")
45. Keller Machine Appears and Vanishes (From "The Mind of Evil")
46. Keller Machine Theme (From "The Mind of Evil")
47. Copy Machine Tickover (From "The Claws of Axos")
48. The Axons Approach (From "The Claws of Axos")
49. The Sea Devils (From "The Sea Devils")
50. The Mutants (From "The Mutants")
51. Frontier in Space Episode 1 (From "Frontier in Space")
52. Death to the Daleks (From "Death to the Daleks")
53. Metebelis III Atmosphere (From "Planet of the Spiders")

Disc 2
01. Doctor Who Opening Title Theme
02. Nerva Beacon Infrastructure and T-Mat Couch (From "The Ark in Space")
03. Revenge of the Cybermen (From "Revenge of the Cybermen")
04. The Destruction of Charlie Rig (From "Terror of the Zygons")
05. A Landing in Scotland (From "Terror of the Zygons")
06. The Zygons Attack (From "Terror of the Zygons")
07. The Android Invasion Episodes 3 and 4 (From "The Android Invasion")
08. The Planet Karn (From "The Brain of Morbius")
09. Antarctica - The First Pod (From "The Seeds of Doom")
10. Get Dunbar! / Krynoid On the Loose (From "The Seeds of Doom")
11. The Mandragora Helix (From "The Masque of Mandragora")
12. The Invasion of Time Episodes 3 and 4 (From "The Invasion of Time")
13. Doctor Who Closing Titles (40" Version)
14. Doctor Who 1980 (Opening Titles)
15. Into Argolis (From "The Leisure Hive")
16. K9 on a Mission (From "Full Circle")
17. Nyssa's Theme (From "The Keeper of Traken")
18. It's the End… (From "Logopolis")
19. Doctor Who 1980 (Closing Titles)
20. Castrovalva Suite (From "Castrovalva")
21. Exploring the Lab (From "Four to Doomsday")
22. March of the Cybermen (From "Earthshock")
23. Mawdryn Undead Suite (From "Mawdryn Undead")
24. The Five Doctors Suite (From "The Five Doctors")
25. Warriors of the Deep Suite (From "Warriors of the Deep")
26. Resurrection of the Daleks Suite (From "Resurrection of the Daleks")
27. The Caves of Androzani (Alternative Suite) [From "The Caves of Androzani"]
28. Doctor Who Theme (1980 - Full Version)

Disc 3
01. The Twin Dilemma Suite (From "The Twin Dilemma")
02. The Mark of the Rani Suite (From "The Mark of the Rani")
03. The Two Doctors Suite (From "The Two Doctors")
04. Timelash Suite (From "Timelash")
05. Revelation of the Daleks Suite (From "Revelation of the Daleks")
06. Doctor Who 1986
07. The Mysterious Planet (From "The Trial of a Time Lord")
08. Terror of the Vervoids (From "The Trial of a Time Lord")
09. The Ultimate Foe (From "The Trial of a Time Lord")
10. Doctor Who 1987
11. Time and the Rani Suite (From "Time and the Rani")
12. Here's to the Future (From "Delta and the Bannermen")
13. Dragonfire Suite (From "Dragonfire")
14. Remembrance of the Daleks Suite (From "Remembrance of the Daleks")
15. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Suite (From "the Greatest Show in the Galaxy")
16. Battlefield Suite (From "Battlefield")
17. The Curse of Fenric Suite (From "The Curse of Fenric")
18. Survival Suite (From "Survival")
19. "…and Somewhere Else, The Tea's Getting Cold" (From "Survival")
20. Prologue: Skaro / Doctor Who Theme (From "Doctor Who: The TV Movie")
21. "Who Am I?" (From "Doctor Who: The TV Movie")
22. The Chase (Original Version) [From "Doctor Who: The TV Movie"]
23. "Open the Eye" (From "Doctor Who: The TV Movie")
24. Farewell (From "Doctor Who: The TV Movie")
25. End Credits / Doctor Who Theme (From "Doctor Who: The TV Movie")

Disc 4
01. Doctor Who Theme – TV Version
02. Rose's Theme (From "Doctor Who: Series 1")
03. Doomsday (From "Doctor Who: Series 2")
04. Donna's Theme (From "Doctor Who: Series 3")
05. The Doctor Forever (From "Doctor Who: Series 3")
06. Martha's Theme (From "Doctor Who: Series 3")
07. All the Strange, Strange Creatures (From "Doctor Who: Series 3")
08. Boe (From "Doctor Who: Series 3")
09. This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home (From "Doctor Who: Series 3")
10. Song of Freedom (From "Doctor Who: Series 4")
11. The Master Suite (From "Doctor Who: Series 4")
12. Four Knocks (From "Doctor Who: Series 4")
13. Vale Decem (From "Doctor Who: Series 4")
14. I Am the Doctor (From "Doctor Who: Series 5")
15. The Mad Man with a Box (From "Doctor Who: Series 5")
16. Amy's Theme (From "Doctor Who: Series 5")
17. Abigail's Song (Silence Is All You Know) [From "Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol"]
18. Melody Pond (From "Doctor Who: Series 6")
19. The Wedding of River Song (From "Doctor Who: Series 6")
20. Towards the Asylum (From "Doctor Who: Series 7")
21. Together or Not at All - The Song of Amy and Rory (From "Doctor Who: Series 7")
22. Up the Shard (From "Doctor Who: Series 7")
23. The Long Song (From "Doctor Who: Series 7")