New Classic Who Release: The Krotons



Originally transmitted in 4 episodes on BBC1 between 28th December 1968 and 18th January 1969, The Krotons starred PATRICK TROUGHTON as the second Doctor. The soundtrack (or “special sounds”) were created by Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop:

“For this story I mainly used the “Crystal Palace”, so called because its case was made of clear Perspex which exposed its workings. This machine, created by our engineer Dave Young, could mechanically sample 16 inputs and combine them into a single output in 4 prearranged patterns. The progression of the patterns was deliberately slow to create textures of sound. I was very much interested in exploring changing aural textures in tracks such as “The Learning Hall” and “Kroton Theme”.”

Brian Hodgson, 2012.

This soundtrack will be released on CD and Digital Download on the 13th of May. A Limited Run of 10″ Vinyl will also be made available, to be released at the end of May.