The Caves of Androzani

Music by Roger Limb
& The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

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+ 12” Double LP (Limited Run on Transparent Purple Vinyl)
Roger Limb worked on seven Doctor Who stories before Androzani and this era gave him the opportunity to use new tech such as the Fairlight CMI and Yamaha DX7
Catalogue No. SILCD1370
Original Release Date: 25 March 2013
Number of Discs: 1
Number of Tracks: 35
Run Time: 56m
01. Doctor Who (Opening Theme)
- BBC Radiophonic Workshop & Delia Derbyshire
02. Androzani Minor
03. Gun-Runners
04. Morgus and Chellak
05. Death Sentence
06. Sharaz Jek
07. Death Under the Red Cloth
08. Androids
09. Next Time It'll Be for Real
10. Nobody Lives for Ever
11. Spectrox
12. Salateen
13. Exile
14. Clever Little Android
15. Two Kilos, What a Deal
16. The Magma Beast
17. Blind Fools
18. Tear His Arms Out
19. Stage Three
20. Geostationary Orbit
21. The Girl Will Be Alone
22. Peri Abducted
23. Vertical Descent Pattern
24. It Could Have Been Worse
25. Do You Think I'm Mad?
26. The Doctor Pursued
27. Mud Burst
28. Morgus and Stotz
29. Face Off
30. Morgus Kaput
31. Not Beaten Yet
32. Milk of the Queen Bat
33. Return to the TARDIS
34. Is This Death?
35. Doctor Who (Closing Theme)
- BBC Radiophonic Workshop & Delia Derbyshire