Series 13:
The Power of the Doctor

Music by Segun Akinola

iTunes Spotify Amazon Silva Screen Digital Booklet Series 13: The Specials x3 CD set
+ Digital - Volume 1: Eve of the Daleks
+ Digital - Volume 2: Legend of the Sea Devils
+ Digital - Volume 3: The Power of the Doctor
+ Triple CD set featuring music from the three Doctor Who Series 13 episode specials
x3 CD set released 13th January 2023

Also available as separate digital albums:
Eve of the Daleks
Legend of the Sea Devils
Catalogue No. SILED1713
Original Release Date: 16th December 2022
Number of Tracks: 14

01. You Shall Not Disrupt Our Mission
02. We Should Go In
03. Why Would I Ever Trust You?
04. Dealing with Multiple Somethings
05. Magnificent Attention to Detail
06. A Calculated Risk
07. Say Hello to My Friends
08. I Am The Doctor
09. We Are Not Finished
10. What’s The Plan?
11. Reunite
12. All Hands On Deck
13. Activate Everything
14. She’s The Doctor